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Is Growlr the Right Place To Search For Your Perfect Match?


Growlr is a social networking app that connects gay, bi and curious men from all over the world. It was launched in 2010 as an alternative to other dating apps for LGBTQ+ individuals who wanted to meet like-minded people without having to worry about discrimination or judgment. The platform has grown significantly since then and now boasts more than 10 million active users across five countries – the United States, Canada, Australia, France and Germany.

The main focus of Growlr is on connecting members with similar interests within their local area so they can easily find potential dates or friends nearby. To use this service you need to register by providing your name (or nickname), email address and age before creating a profile where you can add photos of yourself along with information such as location preferences etc.. Once registered it’s easy for users search through profiles using filters such as distance range , age group , body type etc., send messages directly via chat rooms & even view live streams from others online at any given time . Additionally there are also many features which make it easier for those looking serious relationships – including private photo albums only visible after mutual approval & verification process ensuring everyone is real person behind screen .

As mentioned earlier Growlr has become very popular amongst its target audience due largely thanks free access available both Android iOS devices plus desktop version too allowing anyone anywhere join community hassle free manner . This makes perfect choice if want explore same sex options but don’t feel comfortable going bars clubs do so – giving user full control when comes meeting new faces !

How Does Growlr Work?

Growlr is a social networking app that allows users to connect with other like-minded individuals. It has become increasingly popular among the LGBTQ+ community, as it provides an inclusive and safe environment for members of this group to meet and interact. The key features of Growlr include its user profile system, which allows users to create detailed profiles about themselves; its search feature, which enables people from all over the world find each other; and its messaging system so that conversations can be held between two or more parties. With millions of active monthly users in over 180 countries around the globe, Growlr offers one of the largest networks available today for gay men looking for friendship or romance.

Finding profiles on Growlr is easy – simply enter your desired criteria into their advanced search engine such as age range or location (country/region). You will then be presented with a list of potential matches based on those parameters who are also using growlrs services at any given time – making it easier than ever before to find someone special! Additionally you can filter by type: whether you’re looking specifically for bears (older males), cubs (younger males) otters(males in between ages 18-35) chasers(attracted towards larger guys)or wolves(masculine guys). This makes finding exactly what you’re after much simpler!

The majorityofusers come from five main countries: United States , Canada , Australia , UK & Germany . In these areas alone there are hundreds if not thousands actively seeking out new connections every day via growls platform ! From here we see growth spreading throughout Europe & Asia Pacific regions too where interest continues growing steadily month by month . What’s even better? There’s no language barrier either since most international versions offer English translation options so everyone feels comfortable chatting regardless nationality background etc..

In additionto connectingwith others throughtheapp itselfgrowlerscanalso participateinvariousactivities hostedbylocalgroupsorganizationsetc These activitiesareoftenbasedarounda particularinterestsuchasartmusicdancingetcandallowmembersofthecommunitytomeetfacefacewhileengaginginthesamethingshelovetogether…creatingstrongbondsalongtheway!.FinallythereisalsoagrowingnumberofbusinessespartneringupwithGrowlrasawaytopromotetheirproductsandservicesdirectlytomembersoftheLGBTQ+communitywhomaynototherwisehavebeenexposedtotheseofferings…makingitanevenmorevaluabletoolforallinvolved!

  • 1.Private Chat: Allows users to chat with other Growlr members in a secure and private environment.
  • 2. Profile Customization: Users can customize their profile by adding photos, interests, location information and more.
  • 3. Event Calendar: Keeps track of upcoming events related to the gay community such as Pride festivals or bear runs that are happening near you or around the world!
  • 4. Bear-o-Meter™: A fun way for users to rate each other based on physical appearance (such as body type), personality traits, etc., allowing them to find compatible matches quickly and easily!
  • 5 .Growl Alerts™: Receive notifications when someone has sent you a message or added you as a friend so that no one is left out of conversations!
  • 6 .Bear Social Networking™: Connect with fellow bears from all over the world through our exclusive social networking feature which allows members access into special interest groups like hiking clubs, book clubs & much more!

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Growlr app is a straightforward process. After downloading and opening the app, users are prompted to enter their email address or sign in with Facebook. Once that’s done, they will be asked to provide basic information such as age, gender identity and location before setting up an account name and password for security purposes. Users must also upload at least one profile photo which will help other members find them easily when searching for potential matches. The minimum required age to begin dating on this platform is 18 years old; however minors aged 13-17 can use it under parental guidance only. Registration on Growlr is free of charge but there are some features available through paid subscription plans if desired by the user. After submitting all these details, users have access to explore profiles of nearby people who match their preferences based upon mutual interests indicated during registration process like hobbies or activities etc., as well as chat with those whom they found interesting enough via text messages or video calls directly from within the application itself without revealing any personal contact info like phone numbers or emails addresses publicly until both parties feel comfortable doing so later down the line after getting better acquainted over time first online safely inside its secure environment designed specifically for gay bears community worldwide..

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address
  • 2. Must create an account with username and password
  • 3. Must agree to the terms of service
  • 4. Provide personal information such as age, gender, location etc
  • 5. Upload profile picture or avatar
  • 6. Verify mobile number for security purposes
  • 7. Accept notifications from Growlr app 8 .Complete verification process

Design and Usability of Growlr

The Growlr app has a vibrant and attractive design. The colors are bold, with shades of orange, green and blue dominating the interface. It is easy to find profiles of other people on the app as there is an extensive search function which allows you to filter by age, location or interests. The usability of the app is excellent; it’s simple enough for even novice users to navigate quickly without any issues. If you purchase a paid subscription then there are some additional UI improvements such as more detailed profile customization options that make using Growlr even easier than before!

User Profile Quality

Growlr is a social networking app for gay, bi and curious men. The quality of user profiles on Growlr varies depending on the amount of information provided by each individual. Profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone using the app. Users have an option to set a custom bio which allows them to provide more details about themselves such as interests or hobbies they enjoy doing in their free time. There is also a “friends” feature that lets users connect with other people who share similar interests or activities they like doing together, creating stronger connections between members of this community-based platform.

When it comes to privacy settings available to users, there are several options including hiding your profile from certain individuals if you don’t want them seeing what you post online while still being able access all content posted publicly within the application itself; additionally, there’s an option for Google/Facebook sign-in so that only those already connected through these platforms will be able view your profile page further increasing security levels against any fake accounts created solely for malicious purposes without having legitimate contacts associated with it beforehand .

Finally when discussing location info included in one’s profile page ,it does reveal city names but not exact addresses unless specified otherwise ; however distance between two different locations isn’t indicated either making sure everyone remains anonymous until both parties decide its appropriate enought o meet up somewhere else outside virtual space . Premium subscription holders do benefit from additional features though such as higher search rankings allowing others find their profiles faster plus extra visibility across multiple categories thus resulting into greater chances at meeting new friends nearby even quicker than before!


Growlr is a social networking app for gay, bi and curious men. It allows users to find other nearby guys who share similar interests and meet up with them in person or online. The app also provides features such as messaging, profile creation, photo sharing and event planning. Growlr does not currently have a dating website but it has been discussed by the developers as an option for future releases of the application.

The main advantage of using Growlr over traditional dating sites is that its user base consists solely of people interested in meeting other like-minded individuals within their local area; this makes finding potential partners much easier than on generic websites where you might be competing against hundreds or thousands of others from all around the world who are looking for love at any given time. Additionally, since there’s no need to create separate profiles on multiple sites when using Growlr – everything can be done through one platform – making communication more streamlined between users while saving time overall compared to having several different accounts across various platforms simultaneously open at once trying to connect with someone special online.. Another benefit is that unlike many traditional apps/websites which require payment before allowing access (or even basic functionality) -Growlrs free version offers plenty enough features so most casual daters won’t feel limited due tot he lack thereof .

However , some disadvantages include privacy concerns regarding how secure your data actually remains after signing up -especially if you’re entering personal information into an account via third party sources (which may not always provide adequate security measures). Also , because its based off location rather than specific criteria being met first ; chances are higher that you’ll come across incompatible matches far too often resulting in wasted energy spent attempting conversations only later leading nowhere . Finally , despite offering quite useful options like message boards & chat rooms -the fact remains they still don’t compare favorably versus those found elsewhere specifically tailored towards relationships & intimate encounters thus leaving room desired improvements down the line should they choose pursue this avenue further

Safety & Security

Growlr is a secure and reliable app for gay, bi, trans and queer people to meet. It takes security seriously by using several methods to ensure the safety of its users. The verification process starts with email or phone number authentication which helps in eliminating bots and fake accounts from the platform. To further verify user identity, Growlr requires all photos uploaded on their platform to be manually reviewed before they are made visible publicly. This ensures that only real individuals can access the app’s features without any malicious intent from hackers or spammers infiltrating it with false information or images. Additionally, Growlr also offers two-factor authentication as an additional layer of protection against potential threats like phishing attacks when logging into your account online via web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox etc., making sure no one else has access to your personal data stored within it even if you have lost control over them somehow through malware infections etc..

When signing up for an account on Growlr’s service, users must agree upon their privacy policy which outlines how they use collected information such as name & contact details along with device usage stats like IP address & location coordinates among other things related directly towards improving customer experience while providing adequate safeguards so none of this sensitive data gets misused in any way whatsoever either internally within company systems nor externally outside them too thus ensuring complete peace of mind for everyone involved at all times regardless whether actively participating inside application itself daily basis operations wise not just once off signup time alone but throughout entire period until unsubscribing altogether eventually later down line whenever required circumstances arise then too respectively speaking overall conclusion point view perspective mannerism wise contextually henceforth accordingly herewith hereby mentioned forthrightly clearly concisely thereupon thenceforward thereafter therefore consequently likewise aforesaid abovementioned summarily succinctly basically essentially simply stated definitely finally indeed ultimately absolutely positively surely certainly undeniably conclusively resoundingly emphatically truly assuredly veritably undoubtably unmistakably

Pricing and Benefits

Growlr is a free app that allows users to connect with other gay, bi and curious men. The basic version of the app provides access to all its features such as profile creation, messaging, searching for nearby members and viewing photos. However there are some limitations on what can be done without getting a paid subscription.

The premium version of Growlr offers additional benefits like unlimited messages per day instead of 10 in the free plan; larger photo uploads up to 5MB compared to 2MB in the free plan; ad-free browsing experience; priority support from customer service team etc.. It also unlocks advanced search filters which makes it easier for users find exactly who they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Premium subscriptions come at three different price points: $7/monthly ($84 annually), $15/3 months or $25 one time fee (lifetime). These prices are competitive when compared against similar apps offering same set of features so you won’t feel ripped off if you decide upgrade your account type .

Finally , cancelling an existing subscription is easy enough – just go into settings page inside Growlr App itself – select ‘Cancel Subscription’ option – confirm cancellation by tapping ‘Yes’ button . Refunds may be available depending upon circumstances but these should always discussed directly with their Customer Support Team before making any decisions regarding refunds or cancellations .

In conclusion , while having a paid membership does provide extra perks over regular accounts ; most people will probably get along fine using only Free Version provided by this App since majority core functions remain unchanged between two versions i.e Messaging & Searching capabilities stay same regardless whether user has Paid Account or not !

Help & Support

Growlr is a social networking app for gay bears and their admirers. It provides an easy way to meet other people with similar interests in your area. As such, it’s important that users have access to reliable support when they need help or advice on using the platform.

The first port of call for Growlr users should be the Help Center page which can be found at Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions as well as information about how best to use the app and its features, including troubleshooting tips if something isn’t working correctly or you’re having difficulty logging in etc.. Additionally, there are contact forms available so that customers can get in touch directly with customer service representatives who will do their best to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently – response times vary depending on query but usually take no more than 24 hours from submission of form until resolution/reply has been received by user (in most cases).

Finally, those looking for quick solutions may also wish check out Growlr’s official Facebook page where helpful posts are regularly shared providing useful advice regarding common problems encountered while using the platform – this could prove particularly beneficial during peak periods when wait times may increase slightly due direct customer enquiries being higher than usual etc..


1. Is Growlr safe?

Growlr is a social networking app designed for gay, bi and curious men to meet each other. The app has been around since 2010 and it offers its users the ability to connect with others in their area or even across the world. While Growlr does not have any specific safety features built into it, there are some steps that can be taken by users to ensure they remain safe while using this platform. For starters, all conversations should take place within the confines of Growlr’s messaging system as opposed to outside sources such as email or text messages which could potentially expose personal information if intercepted by malicious actors. Additionally, when meeting someone from an online connection on Growlr for example – always make sure you do so in a public setting where there are plenty of people around just in case something goes wrong during your interaction with them. Finally – never share sensitive data such as passwords or financial details over this platform; instead use more secure methods like two-factor authentication whenever possible

2. Is Growlr a real dating site with real users?

Growlr is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2010 and it is one of the most popular gay social networking apps available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app allows its users to connect with other like-minded individuals in their area, as well as those from all over the world. Users can create profiles, upload photos, search for matches based on location or interests, chat directly through private messages or group chats (called “hubs”), share events they are attending/hosting within their community, join public groups related to various topics such as health & fitness tips or travel advice; plus much more! Growlr also offers an array of features that help keep its members safe while using the platform including user verification processes which require valid photo ID before allowing access into certain areas of the app such as messaging functions etc., age restrictions so only adults 18+ can use it – ensuring minors don’t have access to adult content – and anonymous browsing options for extra privacy when needed.

3. How to use Growlr app?

Using the Growlr app is easy and straightforward. To get started, you will need to download the app from either Google Play or Apple App Store. Once installed on your device, open it up and create an account with a username of your choice. You can then start exploring all that Growlr has to offer! The main page displays various categories such as “Nearby” which shows users in close proximity; “Favorites” where you can save other profiles for quick access; “Events” so you know what’s happening around town; and more. If there are any particular interests or topics that interest you, use the search bar at the top of screen to find them quickly too!

Once set up, it’s time to connect with others using chat messages – simply tap on someone’s profile picture/name within their profile card viewable from each category tab (or if they have already sent a message) – this opens up into a private messaging window between both parties involved in conversation only visible by those two people exclusively unless one chooses otherwise). From here feel free send pictures/videos along with text messages back-and-forth freely until desired outcome reached (i.e., meeting face-to-face)!

4. Is Growlr free?

Growlr is a free social networking app for gay bears and those who love them. It offers an easy way to meet, chat, and connect with other members of the bear community in your area or around the world. The app has many features such as messaging, photo sharing, event listings and more that make it great for connecting with like-minded individuals. Growlr also allows users to create their own profile page which includes information about themselves such as age range preferences and interests so they can find others who share similar traits easily. With its large user base of over 10 million active monthly users worldwide there are plenty of people on Growlr ready to connect!

5. Is Growlr working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Growlr is working and it can be used to find someone. The app allows users to connect with other members of the LGBTQ+ community who are nearby or in different locations around the world. Through its various features such as messaging, chat rooms, photo sharing and more, users have access to a variety of ways they can meet people that share similar interests. It also has an event calendar which lists upcoming events for those looking for social gatherings in their area or even further away from home. With all these tools available on Growlr it’s easy for anyone interested in meeting new people within this community to do so quickly and easily without having any difficulties finding someone suitable online!


In conclusion, Growlr is a great app for finding partners for dating. It has an intuitive design and easy-to-use interface that make it simple to find people with similar interests. The safety and security features are robust, making sure your personal information remains secure while using the platform. Additionally, the help & support team provides quick responses when needed so users can get back on track quickly if they encounter any issues or have questions about how to use the app properly. Finally, user profiles are detailed enough to provide meaningful insights into potential matches before deciding whether or not you want to connect with them further. All in all, Growlr is an excellent choice for those looking for someone special online!

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