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Kasidie Review: Is It A Reliable Dating Option In 2023?


Kasidie is an online platform that connects people who are interested in the swinger lifestyle. It was founded by a group of swingers and has been around since 2006, making it one of the oldest platforms for this kind of connection. The app offers features such as profile creation, messaging services, event listings and more to help its users connect with each other easily.

The main target audience for Kasidie is couples or singles looking to explore their sexuality through swinging activities or just meeting new friends from different backgrounds who share similar interests in sexual exploration without any commitment involved. With over 1 million active members worldwide, Kasidie provides a safe space where these individuals can meet up with like-minded partners while maintaining privacy and discretion at all times.

Kasidie’s popularity extends across five countries: United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), New Zealand(NZ) & South Africa(ZA). Owned by FriendFinder Networks Inc., which also owns AdultFriendFinder among other sites related to dating & social networking; Kasidie remains free for everyone but some additional premium features require subscription fees on monthly basis starting from $19/monthly depending upon what type you choose i-e Gold Membership vs VIP membership etc..

For those seeking convenience there’s no need worry because you don’t have download anything! All that needs done is open your web browser – Chrome being recommended – enter www .kaside .com into URL bar followed by signing up using either Facebook account credentials OR manually entering email address alongwith password plus agreeing terms & conditions then click Sign Up button after which confirmation link will be sent via registered Email ID so user may activate his/her newly created account before logging into site itself thus allowing access wide range options including creating own profile page featuring bio information about self coupled few photos too alongside many useful tools available within same interface helping discover perfect match based individual preferences specified during registration process itself!

How Does Kasidie Work?

Kasidie is an app designed to connect people with similar interests and lifestyles. It provides a platform for users to find like-minded individuals in their area or around the world. The key features of Kasidie include profile creation, search filters, chat rooms, photo albums and events listings. With its user friendly interface it makes finding profiles easy; you can narrow down your searches by location as well as lifestyle preferences such as swinger couples or single men/women looking for fun activities together.

The types of users on Kasidie range from those who are new to exploring alternative lifestyles all the way up to experienced swingers seeking out more adventurous partners and experiences outside their comfort zone. There are also many members that just enjoy connecting with others online without any physical contact involved at all – making this app suitable for everyone regardless of what they’re looking for! In terms of geographical reach there are currently over five million active members spread across Europe (especially Germany), North America (USA & Canada) Australia/New Zealand plus some other countries too so no matter where you live chances are good that someone near you is using this service already!

Kaside’s main feature is its ability to match compatible singles based on mutual interests through its advanced algorithm which takes into account factors such age preference, sexual orientation etc.. Once two parties have been matched then communication between them can begin either via text messages within the application itself or if both sides agree then video calls may be arranged too depending upon individual circumstances – allowing each person get know one another better before deciding whether they would like meet face-to-face later down line if desired!

Another great aspect about using Kaside is that it allows verified premium accounts access exclusive content not available elsewhere including private forums dedicated specifically towards discussing different topics related swinging culture such advice sharing tips tricks amongst fellow community members when engaging these kinds activities safely responsibly whilst still having lots fun doing so!. Finally once connected potential partners will often use built messaging system organise meetings place nearby locations convenient both themselves thus helping bring real life encounters closer reality much quicker than ever thought possible previously!.

Finally while most dating apps require payment order gain full functionality subscription basis monthly fee membership free however certain benefits come being paying customer example unlimited messaging options higher visibility ranking amongst other things but overall even non subscribers able take advantage majority services offered here meaning anyone interested exploring possibilities should give try see how works them personally decide best route go afterwards accordingly…

  • 1.Private Photo Albums: Members can create and share private photo albums with other members, allowing them to control who sees their photos.
  • 2. Discreet Profiles: Kasidie allows users to keep their profiles discreet so that only approved friends can view them.
  • 3. Video Chatting & Messaging: Connect with other members through video chatting or messaging in real-time for a more personal connection than text alone offers.
  • 4. Event Calendar Listings & Reviews: View upcoming events from around the world, read reviews of past events, and plan your own gatherings using this feature on Kasidie’s website or app!
  • 5 .Group Discussion Boards : Share experiences and get advice from others within the community by participating in group discussion boards about topics related to lifestyle activities like travel tips, recipes etc..
  • 6 .Verified Member Badges : Know you’re connecting with verified genuine people as each member has an exclusive badge confirming they are part of the site’s active user base

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Kasidie app is a simple process. To begin, users will need to enter their email address and create a username and password. After submitting this information, they will be asked to provide some basic personal details such as age, gender identity, location (country/state), sexual orientation and relationship status. Once these are completed successfully, users can start exploring the features of the app by browsing profiles or joining clubs for like-minded people in their area or around the world.

After registering on Kasidie App you can connect with other members who share similar interests via chat rooms or private messages; join groups based on your preferences; browse photos from events hosted worldwide; get notifications about upcoming parties nearby; post blog entries related to lifestyle topics etc.. The minimum required age for dating through this platform is 18 years old but it’s free to register so anyone over that age may do so without any cost involved!

  • 1.A valid email address
  • 2. User name and password
  • 3. Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions
  • 4. Age verification (must be 18 or older)
  • 5. Profile information including gender, sexual orientation, location and interests
  • 6. Photo uploads with size restrictions for profile images
  • 7 . Payment method to join as a premium member 8 . Verification of identity through photo ID

Design and Usability of Kasidie

The Kasidie app has a modern and vibrant design, with bright colors that make it stand out. The profiles of other users are easy to find, as the search function is straightforward and simple to use. Navigating through the app is also quite intuitive thanks to its user-friendly interface. Additionally, those who purchase a paid subscription get access to extra features such as more detailed profile information which makes for an improved UI experience overall.

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: Kasidie profiles are public and can be viewed by all members. Users have the option to set a custom bio, which is visible on their profile page. The “friends” feature allows users to connect with each other and keep track of who they know in the community. Privacy settings allow users to control what information about themselves is shared with others, including location info such as city or state but not exact address. There is also an optional Google or Facebook sign-in feature for added security against fake accounts that may try to join the site without permission from Kasidie administrators.

Paragraph 2: Location info in user profiles reveals general locations like cities or states but does not provide any indication of distance between two users unless they both choose to share it publicly on their profile pages manually via messaging features available through Kasidie’s platform interface . Premium subscribers benefit from having access additional privacy settings allowing them more control over how much personal information they want displayed publicly compared non-premium members whose options are limited when it comes protecting sensitive data online within this social network environment .

Paragraph 3 : With premium subscription , you get extra benefits such as being able hide your location completely so no one knows where exactly you live even if someone looks up your account details . This helps protect against stalkers looking target specific individuals based off geographic region instead searching randomly through entire database making sure everyone remains safe secure while using this service provided by company itself rather than relying third party applications that could potentially leak private confidential data into wrong hands due lack proper safety measures taken place during setup process application usage overall


Kasidie is an online dating website that offers a safe and secure platform for people to connect with each other. The site allows users to create profiles, upload photos, search through the database of potential matches and communicate via chat or email. Kasidie also provides features such as private messaging, group chats and virtual gifts which can be sent between members. One of the main advantages of using this site is its privacy policy; all user data is kept confidential so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being shared without your permission. Additionally, it has one-click access from any device including mobile phones making it easy for anyone who wants to find someone special quickly without having to wait in line at a bar or club!

The difference between Kasidie’s website and app lies mainly in their interface design; while both offer similar services they are designed differently depending on whether you’re accessing them from desktop computers or smartphones/tablets respectively. On top of that the app version includes additional features like location tracking which makes finding nearby singles even easier than before! Unfortunately at this time there isn’t an official dating website available but hopefully soon enough we’ll see one released by Kasidie – after all more options always mean better chances when looking for love online!

Safety & Security

Kasidie is a social networking app that takes security and privacy seriously. The platform uses various methods to ensure the safety of its users, including verifying user accounts with email addresses or phone numbers. It also has an extensive verification process in place for photos uploaded by members, which includes manual review as well as AI-based detection systems to identify any potential fake images or bots trying to infiltrate the network. Furthermore, Kasidie offers two-factor authentication options such as biometric identification and one-time passwords (OTPs) so users can add an extra layer of protection when logging into their account from new devices.

In terms of privacy policy compliance, Kasidie adheres strictly to GDPR regulations and does not share personal data without explicit consent from its members first. All information collected on the site is securely stored using encryption technology; only necessary personnel have access rights for maintenance purposes while all other activities are monitored closely by third parties who audit regularly according to international standards like ISO 27001:2013 certification guidelines

Pricing and Benefits

Kasidie is an app that helps people meet other like-minded individuals for social activities. It has a free version and also offers paid subscriptions to access more features.

The basic, free version of Kasidie allows users to create their profile, search for others in the area who share similar interests, view profiles of those they are interested in connecting with and send messages or winks as well as join group chats. However it does not offer any additional features such as seeing who viewed your profile or being able to filter searches by age range etc., which requires a paid subscription plan.

The three different plans available are: Gold ($19/month), Platinum ($29/month) and Diamond (49$/ month). All these plans come with various benefits including unlimited messaging capabilities; advanced filtering options; viewing who visited your page; ability to post on forums without moderation restrictions among many others depending on the plan you choose from . These prices may seem steep compared some other apps but when considering all the extra perks included its quite competitively priced given what’s offered at each tier level..

Cancellation process is fairly simple too – just go into settings within the app itself , click ‘cancel my account’ option then follow instructions provided thereon – though refunds won’t be issued if cancellation happens after 14 days period since purchase date . Overall , whether one needs a paid subscription depends largely upon how much value user puts onto getting access extra features & enhanced visibility over non paying members .. so it’s up individual choice ultimately !

Help & Support

Kasidie is an online platform that provides support to its users. There are several ways you can access help and assistance on the website, depending on your needs.

The first way to get in touch with Kasidie’s customer service team is via email. You can send any questions or concerns directly to their customer service address, which will be answered as soon as possible by a representative of the company. The response time for emails usually ranges from 24-48 hours but may vary based on how busy they are at any given moment so it’s best not to expect immediate answers if you’re facing urgent issues.

Another option available for those who need more immediate help is calling Kasidie’s dedicated phone line where representatives are available during regular business hours (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST). This method allows customers direct contact with someone who can provide them with information about their account or answer general inquiries regarding features and services offered by the site quickly and efficiently over the phone call itself instead of having wait for an email reply back from one of our reps..

Finally, there’s also a FAQ page located within Kasdie’s Help Center section which contains quick answers related frequently asked questions such as resetting passwords or understanding certain aspects of membership levels etc., this page should serve most basic queries without needing additional assistance however if further guidance needed then contacting us through either methods mentioned above would be recommended!


1. Is Kasidie safe?

Kasidie is a social networking site that caters to people who are interested in the swinger lifestyle. The website offers its members various tools and features for connecting with other like-minded individuals, including message boards, chat rooms, forums and private messaging options. As with any online platform where users can interact with one another there is always potential risk of encountering inappropriate content or behavior from some users. However Kasidie takes safety seriously by having a strict policy against offensive language or images as well as providing an extensive list of guidelines for proper etiquette when using their services. Additionally they have implemented measures such as requiring all new accounts to be verified via email before being able to access certain areas on the site which helps prevent fake profiles from gaining access into the community space. All these efforts combined make it so that while no website can guarantee absolute safety at all times, Kasidie does everything possible within reason to ensure its members feel secure while engaging in activities on their platform

2. Is Kasidie a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Kasidie is a real dating site with real users. It has been around since 2006 and offers an online community for adults who are interested in exploring their sexuality through swinging, polyamory, group sex and more. The website boasts over 1 million members from all over the world that come together to meet like-minded people on this platform. Kasidie provides its members with various features such as chat rooms, forums and event listings which allow them to connect easily within the community while also providing opportunities for meeting up offline if desired. With its strong focus on safety measures including verified profiles and photo identification processes along with customer support available 24/7 via email or phone call – it’s easy to see why so many have chosen Kasidie as their go-to destination when looking for someone special or just wanting some fun without any strings attached!

3. How to use Kasidie app?

Using the Kasidie app is a great way to connect with other people who share your interests in the lifestyle. The app allows you to create an account, browse profiles of others in the community, and even join events or clubs that are organized by members. To get started on using Kasidie, first download it from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on which device you have. Once downloaded and installed onto your phone/tablet, open up the application and sign-up for an account if you don’t already have one. After signing up successfully (or logging into existing accounts), users can start exploring what this platform has to offer such as searching through member profiles based off location or shared interests; joining public forums where conversations about various topics take place; viewing upcoming events near them related to their lifestyle preferences; creating private groups with friends they make along their journey etc.. Overall using Kasidie provides a safe space for those interested in connecting within likeminded communities while also providing resources such as blogs & articles written by experts so that everyone can learn more about living life according how they want!

4. Is Kasidie free?

Kasidie is not free. The website does offer a 7-day trial for new members, but after that period ends users must purchase one of the available membership packages in order to continue using the site’s features and services. Kasidie offers several different payment plans ranging from monthly subscriptions to yearly options, so users can choose which plan works best for them based on their budget and needs.

5. Is Kasidie working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Kasidie is working and it can be a great way to find someone. It is an online dating site that caters to those who are looking for casual encounters or long-term relationships. The website offers users the ability to create profiles with photos and information about themselves so they can get connected with other like-minded people in their area. With its search feature, you can easily browse through hundreds of potential matches from around the world based on your interests and preferences. You also have access to message boards where members share stories, advice, tips and experiences related to meeting new people in real life as well as virtual ones on Kasidie’s platform. In addition, there are plenty of events hosted by local clubs which give singles a chance meet up face-to-face if desired too!


In conclusion, Kasidie is a great app for finding partners for dating. It has an intuitive design and usability that makes it easy to use and navigate through the app. Safety and security are top priorities of this platform as they have taken all necessary measures to ensure their users’ privacy. The help & support team provides quick responses in case you need assistance with any issue or question regarding your account on the website/app. Finally, user profile quality is quite high since most profiles contain detailed information about each member’s interests, hobbies etc., which helps members find more compatible matches faster than ever before! All in all, we can say that Kasidie offers a safe environment where people can meet potential dates without worrying about safety issues or fake accounts – making it one of the best apps out there when it comes to online dating!

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